10-Ton Port-A-Power Pump Hose & Ram Assembly

Your Price: $460.00
Part Number:5-52013
  • 100% USA Made:Made from USA steel and USA made 65-45-12 Ductile Iron Castings
  • Repairable:Both the pump and ram are repairable and spare parts and seal/ repair kits are available.
  • Ready to use:Ships assembled so it can be used right out of the box.
This is a 100% USA made Port-A-Power hydraulic pump, hose, and ram assembly that is rated at 10-Ton capacity. It is part of our Port-A-Power hydraulic jack production line. 

The National Stock Number (NSN) for this Port-A-Power hydraulic pump, hose, and ram assembly is: 5120-00-293-0076.

The following items are included in the 5-52013 (10-Ton Port-A-Power Pump, Hose, and Ram Assembly):
5-52015 (10/20-Ton Port-A-Power Hydraulic Pump) [1]
5-52016 (10-Ton Port-A-Power Hydraulic Ram) [1]
19-11813(Ram Half Coupler) [1]
19-11814 (Hose Half Coupler) [1]
13-11597 (Hydraulic Jack Hose) [1]

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